Each May, travellers from around the globe flock to Argana in Morocco for the annual Honey Festival. In light of the sweet celebration – and just in time for summer – The Spa in Dolphin Square has a detoxifying treatment, that harnesses the healing powers of honey.

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What is the Moroccan Honey Festival?

At the foot of the Atlas Mountains, in the heart of authentic Morocco, lies a small region called Argana, an undiscovered haven said to be the oldest collective beehive in the world. Every year, people from far and wide travel to join the festivities. Argana is one of Morocco’s major producers of top quality honey. Most of the hives in the region are constructed from reed cylinders that are then covered in clay, and age-old traditional methods are still used to extract the honey from the hives.

Honey, Ginger and Caffeine?

It might sound like a strange combination, but extracts of ginger, caffeine and honey have long been used in beauty treatments, treating cellulite, dry skin and dehydrated hair. Our Moroccan-inspired Spa’s Honey, Ginger and Caffeine Slimming Ritual utilises the detoxifying essence of ginger, which has a long-standing reputation as a healing agent, used through the centuries to revive dull skin, encourage a glowing complexion and reduce cellulite. Caffeine was traditionally utilised to stimulate circulation, boosting the elimination of fats, and in turn, reducing wobbly skin.

How are they used as a slimming agent?

Designed to slim, tone and detoxify the body ahead of the summer months, the slimming treatment begins with an invigorating scrub, buffing away dead skin cells to promote a luminous look. A massage follows, utilising aromatic ginger and soothing honey. The sweet, sticky nectar is packed with healing properties, and since the Egyptian times, has been used to increase hydration, encouraging a more youthful complexion.

Skin suitably sweetened, spa-lovers head to the Salt-Infused Steam, specifically designed to replicate the effects of crisp sea air, causing a deep state of relaxation whilst reducing the effects of respitatory afflictions, drawing nasty toxins away from the body.