It’s never been more important to explore eco-friendly alternatives to our favourite spa treatments. The Square’s ‘Words of Wellness’ guru discovers bamboo canes aren’t just a pandas favourite snack, as she enjoys an earth addition to the treatment menu at The Spa in Dolphin Square.

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I love massages. I love the relaxing atmosphere, melting into a warm massage chair and the soothing presence of tranquil music, whiling away worries of everyday life. Everything about a spa ensures you forget your troubles, the minute you slip into the fluffy slippers and robe.

If you’re an office worker, you’ll be all too familiar with the nagging ache in your neck after a long day at your desk. There’s nothing like a massage to alleviate twinges, the sounds of ringing phones, tapping keyboards and scribbling pens fading away with every move of the masseuse’s hands. When I was offered the chance to experience the new treatment at The Spa in Dolphin Square, I couldn’t wait to be immersed in the comforts of a spa again.

I went to experience the Bamboo Majorelle, an innovative treatment that incorporates traditional massage techniques using sustainably sourced, heated bamboo rods.

It was my first visit to The Spa in Dolphin Square and I quickly discovered it’s a secret oasis in the heart of the hustle and bustle of London. As soon as I opened the door of the spa, relaxation washed over me; the spa is Moroccan themed, the air hanging heavy with the scent of aromatic oils, the walls adorned in gold and red hues, peppered with splashes of gold.

When I arrived I was shown around the spa, before being lead to the changing rooms, where I slipped into my robe and flip-flops. My therapist collected me with a warm smile and led me into one of the warmly lit therapy rooms. As I lay down, the heated massage chair beckoned me into a deep state of relaxation, and I started to forget about the aches in my hands from typing and the blur of ringing phones began to fade away.

I was in the capable hands of my therapist, who started with a preliminary massage asking me where I would like her focus, getting a feel for my aches and problem areas. As she began her work with the bamboo rods I was, at first, taken aback as they feel completely unique to any massage I had experienced in the past. They were warm and glided easily across my back, providing deep pressure where I needed while remaining decidedly delicate on my back.

‘Using the bamboo rods allows for a deeper, firmer massage’ my therapist told me, as she rolled the bamboo rods across the hollow of my back.

The bamboo rods acted as an extension of the therapist’s hands; gliding strokes of the warm bamboo heating my muscles and rolling out areas of pain. The pressure was firm but not uncomfortably so and the massage felt extremely thorough.

After using small bamboo rods to massage my cheeks and neck, the therapist covered my body with a warm towel, and offered me a glass of water. As I hopped off the bed and made my way into the relaxation room, I reflected on my experience – I was truly relaxed, and completely in awe at the use of bamboo rods to deliver such a thorough massage. So, if you’re feeling achey after a day at the desk, you can certainly bank on bamboo to banish your blues.

About the Bamboo Majorelle

Duration: 45 minutes