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Summer is for Spa-ing, and in the aftermath of a muggy August,  there is no better time than now to offer some tips on how to help our bodies and skin combat the effects of the heat.  Get summer ready with our full body exfoliation with Moroccan Oil Body Buff to scrub those winter blues away, and finish with a luxurious Moroccan Oil Scalp Ritual designed to leave your hair nourished with lingering notes of spicy amber and sweet florals.  Or maybe treat yourself to an exfoliating facial before you start with the sun-worshipping, or enjoy a nourishing shea butter massage to combat dry skin.

Exfoliating Facials  

We hope that you are all wearing your SPF sun cream as advised by all dermatologists, however its not just the sun causing us damage but its the pollution in the air too. And thanks to the free radicals generated by airborne toxins, us Londoners are more likely to be effected with these ageing toxins than country folk. The best way to combat these effects is with an army of antioxidants, and our Artisan Facial with a two stage cleanse, exfoliation and massage does just the trick. For congested skin; steam and gentle extractions can also be offered.

Nourishing Massages 

Current temperatures have resulted in more skin being on show than we would normally dare to expose. Therefore it’s imperative that skin stays nourished allowing it to restore its natural glow. Our Shea Butter Massage is the perfect antidote for dry skin as it contains a high concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids, making it deeply moisturising – a superfood for the skin.

Wellness massage therapy

Healing Pedi’s 

Naked toes are very much a summer theme, and given that our trotters will continue to be on display throughout this heatwave, it is imperative that they are looking good and that the skin does not get too try. Our Arabian Nights Pedicure is designed the transform the feet into tip-top shape, with black soap cleanse and invigorating mineral salt scrub removing any hard skin. Nails are then buffed and tided, and the treatment ends with a relaxing shea butter foot and lower leg massage.